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Particulars on selection of anti-allergy drugs

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The spring is the high-frequency time for allergy. Many people are allergic to willow catkins and pollens. How to select a proper anti-allergic from a great variety of similar drugs in the market?


The third generation of antihistamine has least side effect but comparatively expensive

Pharmacist Kong Fancui from the Pharmacy of Chaoyang Hospital said, "The seasonal allergy caused by pillow catkins and pollens in the spring may trigger one or more allergic symptoms at once, such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, nettle-rash and allergic conjunctivitis, etc.. "

The oral anti-allergy drugs often the antihistamines. The third generation of antihistamines has already launched in the market. Each generation has its own pros and cons. Kong Fancui said, "From the perspective of pharmacodynamics, the third generation of antihistamines should be the first choice, including commonly used Fexofenadine, Levocetirizine as well as Desloratadine, etc.. Comparing to the previous two generations, the third generation of antihistamines has no side effects like drowsiness, thirst and constipation, etc., and the minimum harm to liver and central nervous system. If a patient suffers acute allergy, taking the third generation of antihistamine in time would be very helpful. Patients suffering repeated allergy should take the pills before going to sleep at night. However, this generation is very expensive. The sale price is about five to six yuan per pill."


The second generation with medium side effects is comparatively cheap

So, are there any comparatively cheap anti-allergic still has a few side effects?

Kong Fancui expressed, generally, the second generation of antihistamines, for example, Loratadin, Cetirizine and Mizolastine, are about a half cheaper than the third generation. They also have less side effects comparing to the first generation drugs and would not cause significant thirst or tiredness.

But, to those who have idiosyncratic physiques (easily to get allergy to some certain medicines), the second generation may easily arouse sleepiness and constipation. Besides, if the patient will take skin test, then he or she should stop taking the medicines since 48 hours ahead.


Follow the doctor's instructions, change medicine after a month of continuously using

The expert also warned, a long-term on one kind of antihistamine may cause tolerance or accumulation in the body. Thus, to those patients suffering from chronic diseases, after a month of continuously taking one certain kind of drug, it is more appropriate to change into other medicines.



Date: April 10, 2012