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Experts: Most of drug-induced affairs in China are not adverse reaction of drugs

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In the past few years, most of recalls and significant undesirable affairs caused by drug safety taken place in Chinese Mainland were not attributed to adverse reaction of drugs, revealed by Prof. Sun Zhongshi from Chinese Monitoring Network for Rational Use of Drug of Ministry of Health today, reported by on March 9th.

In the training meeting of "Programme of safe use of drugs" for media,  Prof. Sun said, "More than 50% of use of drugs in the world are related to improper practices in prescription, allotment or sales, and half of the patients did not take medications correctly. More than 50% of countries haven't made any fundamental policy to promote the rational use of drugs.

Prof. Sun highlighted that unsafe injections have become a global problem. Not only medical personnel are in favor with inject preparations over a reasonable medical practice, but the patients also look upon injection as a more effective way for treatment. Patients’ intention contributed to more injection prescriptions to make patients feel happy. A latest research showed that each year there are 1.3 million cases of premature death caused by unsafe injections.

He believes, in order to strengthen the prevention and control of adverse drug reactions and reduce the irrational use of drugs, the priority is to strengthen pharmacovigilance, to detect, evaluate, identify and prevent ADRs with other drug-related affairs. At the same time, attach importance on re-evaluation of new drugs program, two times of re-evaluation should be conducted in the 3rd and 7th year respectively after the new drug entering market to sum up the pros and cons and cost-effective. In addition, monitoring drug interactions, reducing the synchronal use of many drugs significantly as well as the role of clinical pharmacists should be attached great importance to.


As one of the foreign NGO registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China in 1983, the U.S. World Health Foundation carried out a number of projects in China related with diabetes, heart health, and rehabilitation medicine continuing education, cooperating with the Ministry of Health.



Date: Mar. 9th, 2012