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Sitting for a while after a sleep with pills

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Appropriate use of sleeping pills is an effective means to treating insomnia. But during the medication, especially with the long-effect sleeping pills such as clonazepam, flurazepam, etc., sitting for a while after waking up is more preferable than getting up immediately.

A study in University of Colorado found out that zolpidem will make 58% of elders over 60 years old who takes the pills walk slowly and stumblingly. Other sleeping pills also have similar side affects.  

Sleeping pills could inhibit central nervous system, especially to the elderly with lower antidote activity and multiple cerebral blood supply insufficiency. In addition, the often usage of sleeping pills will trigger tardive dyskinesia and weaken balance capacity, which making people easy to fall. Coupled with the poor lighting at night and wandering mind caused by the pills, there would be more accidents.

People took pills usually should develop habits such as sit for a while before leaving beds, put less furniture in bedroom to avoid to fall bumps, and drink less water to reduce urinate.

Some people prefer to drink some wine after taking pills to help sleep, which experts were very opposed to. Because alcohol and sleeping pills could mutually reinforce to enhance the absorption, thereby increase the side effects of pills.