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Four forms of drug should not be conserved in refrigerator

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After opening a bottle of tablets or capsules, you should not discard the enclosed desiccant casually. On the contrary, you’d better remain the desiccant in the container, especially for the sugar-coated tablets. For those tablets or capsules in bulk, they shall be keep in light-resistant bottles, such as brown glass or plastic bottles, keep indoors and avoid light, preferably with a small pack of desiccant inside. However, the refrigerating chamber is not an appropriate place for storing them, because the potency of the pills and capsules will wear off by absorbing the moisture in refrigerators.

The liquid formulations, including cough syrup, anti-allergy syrups, antipyretic solution and cold syrups, they should be stored at room temperature instead of putting into a refrigerator after opening. Because low temperature may reduce the solubility of drugs and separate out sugar crystals, which leads the actual concentration of active ingredients does not match with the original label.

To the external used creams, the low temperature may layer out the cream base, which will affect their uniformity and efficacy. Therefore, you’d better store the creams at room temperature away from refrigerators.

Most powder drugs are sealed with moistureproof wax paper by machines. Since many additives in powder drugs for improving the taste will prompt deterioration reactions easily, those drugs should be stored only for 3 to 5 days at most after opening the seal. In case of rainy or damp weather, you have to pay more attention to moistureproof issues during storage.


Date: Sep. 8th, 2011