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Medication instructions: Cold or warm water is preferred for effervescent tablets

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Effervescent tablets are tablets containing effervescent agents, mostly used in soluble drugs, such as aspirin effervescent tablets (Bamir), Aspirin, Redoxon (vitamin effervescent tablets), metronidazole effervescent tablets, as well as effervescent tablets with anti-flu medicine and so on. After putting into water, the effervescent tablets will collapse to generate bubbles in different directions under the effect of effervescent agents, and roll up and down to accelerate the collapse and melt. Carbon dioxide produced with the disintegration will partially dissolved in water, bring the water with a soda-like taste of cool, refreshing feeling. However, the following five points should be noted when taking effervescent tables:

1. Use 100 to 150 ml cold or warm water instead of boiling water, and don’t drink until the tablets completely dissolved or air bubbles totally disappear.

2. Avoid children to medicate the tablets by themselves. It is strictly forbidden to put effervescent tablets into mouth directly.

3. If there is any floc, precipitation or insoluble substance appears in the solution, do not take it.

4. Effervescent medicines should be sealed and prevented from heat or moisture during storage.

5. Don’t take the tablets together with other drugs.