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Three Avoidances and Three Questions for Correct Medication

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Misuse of antibiotics can cause a range of adverse consequences, including allergic reactions, system damage in liver, kidney, nerve and other side effects, as well as effect on blood system, resulting in leucopenia, which will lead to hematopoietic dysfunction. Besides, long-term or high doses of broad spectrum antibiotics usage may also cause double infection.


In order to use antibiotics rationally, people should follow the principle of "Three Avoidances and Three Questions".


Three Avoidance mean:

First, do not buy antibiotics without doctor’s prescription. Antibiotics should be used under prescription.

Second, do not take the initiative to request, do not request doctors to prescribe antibiotics without considering the disease.

Third, do not stop randomly, do not use when it is not needed.


Three Questions mean:

First, ask the doctor whether the disease is related with bacterial infection.

Second, if it is bacterial infection, ask the doctor whether it is necessary to take antibiotics.

Third, if the doctor prescribed antibiotics, ask about the usage such as frequency and dose, strictly take it in accordance with the doctor's advice.