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MoH: Cleaning teeth is a health behaviour which will clean away dental calculus and prevent peridentitis

Post Time:2012-09-19 [Large Middle Small] View:

Sep. 11, Ministry of Health held a press conference about the 2012 national "teeth care day" . On the conference, regarding whether teeth cleaning has any negative effect, the director of Department of Periodontology, Peking University School of Stomatology, Dr. Luan Qingxian answered, " Cleaning teeth is not only a civilized behaviour, but also a health behaviour."
Dr. Luan Qingxian introduced periodontal disease is the main cause for teeth loosing or missing. And dental plaque and calculus are usually to blame for the periodontal disease. So clean away dental calculus is an effective measure to prevent periodontal disease. 
"Many people have an misunderstanding for teeth cleaning. They think cleaning teeth may be harmful to the health, which is not true." Dr. Luan Qingxian said, "We all know washing face is a kind of civilized behaviour. Actually, cleaning teeth is not only a civilized behaviour, but also a health behaviour. "
Date: Sep. 11, 2012