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Food helps you to anti-allergy

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Spring is the season of allergy, which may cause runny nose, eyes and skin itching and sneezing, or breathing difficulties. These natural food can alleviate or even eliminate allergic reactions, and enhance immunity to make you healthy. A website from the States recommended several most effective anti-allergic food. Try to take some of them in each meal, then your body will gradually resist allergic.


Anti-allergic foods:

Spices: Ginger and other spices could resist inflammation. The inflammation is the trigger of runny nose and sinus pain and other allergy symptoms.

Fresh fruits like oranges, Pineapples and apples: Vitamin C, which exists abundantly in oranges, is a natural antihistamine (a main component in allergy drugs). Bromelain in pineapple can resist inflammation. In addition, a study from Britain shows that eating five apples each week will help to improve lung function, and alleviate breathing difficulties caused by allergy.

Fish: Omega-3 fatty acid in fish can prevent the body to produce too much antibody, and reduce the allergic reactions.

Sunflower seeds: Sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E, which can prevent inflammation, and selenium can enhance immunity, reduce inflammation.


Trigger allergy foods:

Some foods should be avoided since they will cause allergy.

Alcoholic drink: Most alcoholic drinks will cause histamine release, especially beer, wine and cider.

Processed foods: highly processed foods will trigger inflammation and thus aggravate allergic reactions, especially sinusitis. Usually, processed foods contain saturated fatty acids, trans fat, nitrite and excessive sugar, these ingredients will cause inflammation.

Preserved foods: During the pickling and fermentation process, the food will produce large amount of histamine.


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