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Healthy barbecue, and against disease from the mouth

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Yesterday, the Municipal Food and Drug Administration issued a special reminder, warned citizens to understand the hazards of barbecue and learn how to eat barbecue more secure for their own health.

Zhan Mingsheng, the experts of Food and Cosmetics Authority said, the seductive smell let off when barbecuing meat would induce people's appetite, which makes barbecue get popularized by many young people. However, the barbecue also easy to produce sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and other substances which easily induce cancer in humans. Those barbecued food soused for long time would produce another kind of carcinogen nitrosamine.

Zhan Mingsheng suggested that if you go out to eat barbecue, you'd better choose a barbecue restaurant with good sanitary conditions firstly, then select good barbecue food materials carefully and have them all well cooked before eating.

People should also pay attention to the nutritions in order to avoid vitamin deficiency and nutritional imbalance, because most of the foods for barbecue are meat, and most contained vitamins in the meat would decomposed while being barbecued .

Therefore, after enjoying barbecue, in order to balance nutritions and supplement vitamins, the vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits should be a good choice. The most convenient way is eating some fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers. Meanwhile, fresh fruits are rich in pectin and fiber to promote bowel movements and lower cholesterol. Because vitamin C and E can reduce the generation of carcinogenic nitrosamines and have a strong antioxidant function respectively, those fruits which are rich in vitamin C and E would reduce the hazards of barbecue food.


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Date: April 10, 2012