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Experts appeal for more attention to mental health of impoverished families

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Today is the 20th World Mental Health Day. The theme of this year is “taking common responsibility, promoting mental health”. The experts appealed to the whole society for paying attention to the mental health problems of impoverished families. reported on Oct. 10th.

Vice director-general of the Mental Health Center of Hebei Medical University First Hospital Yao Shaomin introduced, based on statistics, more than half of the patients came to the Mental Health Center were from impoverished families in these years. “People from impoverished family faces heavier pressure of life, and more difficulties in getting a job, medical treatment and marriage, which would easily induce mental illnesses.” Yao Shaomin pointed out, most patients from impoverished families suffered from anxiety, depression and other mental problems. In addition, due to the worries about the expenses for treatment and the lack of knowledge about mental health, some patients would not visit doctors until their mental problems had been very serious.

Yao Shaomin appealed to the society for paying more attention to the mental health of impoverished families, because this would not only reflect the care from the whole society, but also play an active role in preventing social problems. Vice director-general of Mental Health Institute of Hebei Medical University Wang Xueyi suggested governments, residential communities, organizations, enterprises as well as schools to jointly widely establish mental rehabilitation centers to implement early interventions. The theme “taking common responsibility” of this year, is hoping the whole society take part in the activities of keeping mental health, by learning and popularizing mental health knowledge, caring for mental patients, to promote mental health of the whole society.


Date: Oct. 10th, 2011