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What Kind of Fruit Is Healthy to Pregnant Women? -4

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At the same time, pregnant women are recommended to eat the right amount of fig. Not only because the fig is rich in nutrients, but also it treats hemorrhoids and promotes lactation.
Fruit tastes sweet and delicious, but also is nutritious and convenient food for pregnant women to eat day-to-day. However, nutrients contained in fruits can not replace the vegetables. The major nutrients in fruits and vegetables are carbohydrates, and different quality and quantity of the vitamins, inorganic salts, cellulose, various enzymes and some specific nutrients.
Although fruit is nutritious, its crude cellulose content and special nutrients are less than that in green leafy vegetables and their roots. For example, Apple only contains small cellulose, while the celery is rich in crude fiber, so the nutritional and medicinal value of the two is different, and they are not substitutes for one another. Hawthorn contains special ingredients, with the effectiveness of reducing blood fat, decreasing blood pressure, and expanding blood vessels. Pomegranate is rich in special ingredient as tannin, with the role of anti-diarrhea, while excessive consumption leads to constipation. Amaranth is rich in potassium, calcium, carotene, vitamin K, etc., and the Kiwi has the highest vitamin C content, and each has its own uniqueness. Therefore, pregnant women choose foods, they must pay attention to the coordination among a variety of fruits and vegetables.
Pregnant women should choose the fresh fruits and vegetables following the change of seasons. It is good for them to take 1-3 fruits for each meal, and 400g vegetables daily, among which the green leafy vegetables should be accounted for 1/2.