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What Kind of Fruit Is Healthy to Pregnant Women? -2

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Persimmon has the effect of clearing heat, moistening lung, generating fluids and quenching thirst, antitussive, as well as dispelling phlegm. It is applicable to the treatment of high blood pressure, chronic bronchitis, arteriosclerosis, hemorrhoids hematochezia, constipation and other diseases. It is good for pregnant women as it has so much nutritional and medicinal value, especially for the treatment of pregnancy-induced hypertension on which the persimmon has good effect. The pedicle and leaf of persimmon both are herbal medicine. The pedicle can descend counterflow of Qi, relieve sickness so it is used to treat hiccups, belching, etc.. Persimmon leaf is a common folk herbal medicine as it have anti-bacterial inflammation, hemostasis and anti-hypertension actions. Although persimmon has positive nutrition and medical role, it also has shortcomings. The persimmons sometimes taste puckery, too much consumption may make mouth astringent and tongue hard. It also has a strong convergence effect, which may cause dry stools. When it meets acid, it clumps together and induces protein precipitation. Therefore, one persimmon for one meal is best for the consumption.
There are a wide variety of citrus such as orange, southern orange, a seedless tangerine, grapefruit and so on, which have the common advantages such as rich in nutrients. The orange juice is rich in citric acid, amino acids, carbohydrates, fat, multi-vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, and they are favorite delicacies for pregnant women. Per 500 grams of orange contains vitamin C 250 mg, vitamin A 2.7 mg, and the content of vitamin B1 is the highest among fruits.