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Several Healthy Cucumber Recipes -3

Post Time:2009-04-30 [Large Middle Small] View:
5, raw cucumber salad: a good refreshment on a hot day
In summer, people often feel the intolerable heat, and can not help but feel annoyed. Cucumber is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamin C and many other nutrients, so it becomes the best vegetables in summer.
Cooking tips:
It is better to swat the cucumber with a knife, and then chop it after it is broken. Add some soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, garlic and other seasonings to the chopped cucumber. If you want to eat fresh refreshing cucumber salad, pour the seasoning juice when serve. If you want a heavier taste, mix it in advance and eat after a few minutes. In such way, it tastes good but loses some water.
Many people would like to mix some pork meat with cucumber, which is not very scientific. Because cucumber is easily affected by other foods in terms of taste, or nutrition. The meat may cover the light taste of cucumber taste greatly; the contents of fat, protein as well as cholesterol are relatively higher, so it is very difficult to play the role of refreshment and against the heat.
Therefore, it is best to eat cucumber salad without any mixture with other food materials so as to truly embody the characteristics and values of the cucumber itself. Because cucumber is a cold dish but also it is cold and tastes sweet, the elderly people, children and the patients with cold stomach still need to be careful when take such cold dishes.