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Several Healthy Cucumber Recipes -2

Post Time:2009-04-30 [Large Middle Small] View:
Cooking tips:
Grate a cucumber, squeeze to extract liquid, keep the cucumber juice, fry two eggs with oil, beat fried egg good and proper, prepare the filling by mixing cold egg, tofu, cucumber and seasonings until well combined. Mix the flour and cucumber juice which tastes better.
3, Cucumber peel tea
The leftover cucumber peel can be drunk as tea which has the effect of clearing heat.
Dry the cucumber peel under the sun, crumble it by hands. Boil 10g cucumber peel with 200ml water; boil the water with small fire. It helps to alleviate the headache and fever due to heat stroke to drink cups of such natural tea.
4,Suoyi cucumber: sweet and sour taste for good appetite
Suoyi cucumber tastes delicious with linked slice of cucumber. People who are used to drinking porridge for breakfast and it also a good appetizer for lunch and dinner.
Cooking tips:
Choose big cucumber, slice it from one side at the same direction with the angle of 45°, the closer between two slice the softer the cucumber becomes.
Slice the chaotian chili, soak with the cold water; bake white sesame seeds in dry pan slowly then cool it; heat the oil with small fire, fry the pepper and chaotian chili for a short while, then mix it with white sesame seeds as sesame oil then seasoning the suoyi cucumber with vinegar, white sugar, salt and sesame oil, stir until well combined and keep it in the refrigerator for 1 hour, then it is done with good taste.
But the elderly and children should not eat this cold dish in too much in summer because the cold cucumber and spicy pepper stimulate the stomach, it is better to eat with staple food.