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Several Healthy Cucumber Recipes -1

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If you are tied about fried cucumber and cucumber salad, please try the following fresh recipes!
1, Cucumber juice: preventing oral ulcer
Cucumber juice can be used to prevent oral diseases in the summer as it has superior taste and nutrition.
Cooking tips: pickle the fresh cucumber with sugar for a short while, or directly the juice extracting from the fresh cucumber with cold boiled water.
Drinking Tips:
It plays a role of refreshing gastrointestinal to Drink a glass of cucumber juice in the morning. Because cucumber contains a large number of vitamins which have an effective therapeutic effect on oral ulcers as easing the inflammation.
If you don’t like the bitter taste of diluted cucumber juice, add some honey as seasoning.
American nutrition experts also found that drinking a cup of cucumber juice every day can play a role in preventing hair loss and nail splitting, or even enhancing memory.
As we all know, cucumber has effects as diuretic, making heart and blood vessels strong, regulating blood pressure and preventing excessive tension and cardiac atherosclerosis effect. Experiment also found that the effect of drinking cucumber juice is better than eating a whole cucumber.
2, Cucumber stuffing for dumplings: appetizing, decreasing blood pressure and promoting digestion
In hot summer, many older people lose their appetite. Nutritionist suggested that older people eat some filling foods at lunch or dinner such as dumplings, steamed stuffed -bun, which not only balances the nutrition, but also helps digestion. Try the cucumber dumpling as it is not only cool and refreshing, but also against the heat, decreases blood pressure and prevents cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.