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Strict Vegetarian Has More Healthy Bone

Post Time:2009-04-16 [Large Middle Small] View:

Nutritionists generally believe that a person who prefers vegan diet and refuse to take dairy products, is susceptible to osteoporosis.
However, the recent study released by the U.S. medical scientists is surprising - a strict vegetarian who seems thinner than ordinary people, in fact, has stronger and healthier body.
Strict vegetarian only eat plant food without cooking or other processing methods changing the food’s original structure.
Light bone is not brittle bone
The bone of strict vegetarian is thinner which is accordance with the less intake of calories instead of a sign of osteoporosis.
"Vegan diet provides less calorie and low protein to vegetarians, so their body mass indexes are low, body fat is low as well"
Better body mass index
the research group led by Dr. Fontana conducted study on 18 female strict vegetarian between 33 ~ 85-year-old. These people eat only raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains, and eating vegetarian average duration was 3.6 years. Researchers compared their BMI of with that of the other 18 ordinary Americans as the average BMI of vegetarian is 20.5, and the average BMI of other American is 25.
Health elements in the body
Fontana said that the study showed that the in vivo content of Vitamin D of vegetarian is significantly higher than that of ordinary people.
The results also show that in vivo content of C-reactive protein of vegetarian is low as well, which is the incentive of heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases. In addition, their IGF-1 in vivo content is very low, which means that they have less risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer.