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Prevention of Spring Time Seasonal Allergies for Children -2

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In generally, we must pay attention to the situation that the children have the symptoms as repeated coughing, shortness of breath and make early diagnosis to find whether it could be asthma. And the allergic cough one of the symptoms of allergic asthma is a kind of variant asthma, manifesting as chronic cough, which is often misunderstood by the parents as a symptom of respiratory tract infection.
Treatment: It is recommended as a reliable method for the prevention of allergic asthma to let the babies who suffered from allergic asthma before be far away from asthma-induced factors. And their mothers should keep their rooms clean, clean the floor and furniture as well. Make the air flow in baby room smooth and dry, it is best not to cover the floor with carpets and it is not recommended to let children with asthma play with plush toys. Timely change and wash the Baby's bed sheets and pillow cases so as to avoid the breeding of mites.
Allergic rhinitis
Symptoms: Whenever Seasonal flowers are in full bloom, some babies appear water-like runny nose, severe nasal itching, and continuous sneezing, which are the seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms. As the main symptoms of allergic rhinitis are nasal itching, nasal obstruction, runny nose, the symptoms are easily mistaken for flu by parents and delay the treatment.
Treatment: The way to the prevention of allergic rhinitis is to reduce the children’s exposure to allergen. In addition, children should enhance their physique by doing exercise, washing their faces with cold water so as to stimulate the skin and increase the local blood circulation, and maintaining the nasal cavity open without blockage etc.