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revention of Spring Time Seasonal Allergies for Children

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In the spring, parents prefer their babies to do more outdoor exercises, but some children appear some allergic symptoms such as dry and itchy skin, itchy nose, sneezing and tears and others after they play outdoor. How come they have such symptoms? According to doctors, these symptoms are caused by allergies. Doctor Li Xiaohong, chief director of physician department in Tianjin First Central Hospital, thinks that the dry air in spring may induce asthma, conjunctivitis and rhinitis in babies prone to allergic reactions. How to find a way to let baby has a happy spring without any allergy? Let’s take active action to face and resolve it, mammy!
Allergic conjunctivitis
Symptoms: allergic conjunctivitis are caused by the pollen of trees as well as vegetation spread by wind, and the main symptoms are itchy eyes, photophobia, tears and bloodshot eyes, secretion increasing, and sometimes eye swelling complicated by mild keratitis.
Treatment: It is recommended to take oral anti-allergy medicines, and mainly maintain cleaning eye. If the allergens are bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens, the symptoms needs to be treated with antibiotics and corticosteroid. Do not wash with hot water and repeatedly rub the eye, but also reduce the exposure to sun light as well as contact with flowers.
Allergic Asthma
Symptoms: the allergens to allergic asthma are main pollen, dust mites, bacteria, climate and so on. Once the babies prone to allergic reaction inhale some of the pollen which causes allergic reaction, they begin to sneezing, runny nose, nasal itching, and gradually induced asthma.