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Health Diet for Beautiful Teeth to Ladies -2

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Four dairy products make the teeth stronger
They are best source of calcium and phosphorus that we need and main mineral for dental enamel and support bone of tooth root. So, we should drink milk, and it is best not to drink sweet drinks. Dairy products (yogurt, etc.) give calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D to us and the latter increases the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Last, casein protein, the major protein in milk, can limit the excessive discharge of inorganic salts from tooth enamel. The old way is good: eat cheese after dessert so as to reduce the secretion of acid from carbohydrate through the restrictions role of casein and lipids in milk, reducing the amount of carbohydrate in the secretion of acid.
Drink mineral water, a natural source of fluoride.
Natural mineral water meets human’s demand for fluorine which can increase the tooth enamel, strong the teeth, and protect teeth from erosion by micro-organisms. The majority of mineral water contains 0.3 mg fluoride per liter, but also some is up to 8 mg per liter. Tea, fish and some vegetables (spinach, turnip ...) also contain fluoride. However, excessive intake of fluoride (more than 2 mg daily) may cause teeth black.
Use the benefits of chocolate and sugar-free gum.
In fact cocoa contains tannic acid, fluoride and calcium, which are involved in the work of protecting teeth.
In "sugar-free" gum, the sugar is replaced by sweet polyols, but does not cause dental caries: xylitol plays the bactericidal role and helps reduce dental plaque as well as sorbitol (the synthetic sugar from glucose or fructose, used as artificial sweet agents).