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Health Diet: Ten Kinds of Health Foods Women Most Need -2

Post Time:2009-01-16 [Large Middle Small] View:
Good for hair: kelp
Perhaps you already know a lot of foods good for hair, for instance, black sesame which can black hair, ginger which can make hair grow as well as walnut which can make hair shiny and so on. But do you know which one is the all ? round champion for the hair health? It is the kelp. The nutrition experts believe that regular consumption of kelp can not only add iodine to the body, but also has a special efficacy for hair growth, moisture and glossy.
Good for lung: Tomato
The latest study conducted in Britain found that it can prevent respiratory disease and protect lungs against bacterial infection to eat tomatoes more than 3 times every week. However, the content of lycopene in tomato is inversely proportional to the content of soluble sugar in tomato, that is, the less sweet tomato is, the higher lycopene it contains.
Good for leg: Banana
Banana, which is rich in potassium, is the best one making leg beautiful as the potassium rich in it can help you stretch the leg muscles and prevent leg cramps. The second one is the celery, as it has a large number of colloidal calcium carbonate, which can be easily absorbed by the body, not only meets calcium requirements of the legs, but also prevent lower body edema.
Good for heart: deep-sea fish
German experts have issued a set of experiments to prove this: continually it can drop the incidence of heart disease by 40% to eat 50 grams of fish every day, especially better to eat deep-sea fish.