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Thirteen Acts After Eating Do Harm To Health -4

Post Time:2008-12-25 [Large Middle Small] View:
Don’t sing karaoke immediately after eating.
First of all, whether to eat at home or to eat at the restaurant, most people want a quiet and comfortable environment for meal. But the strong voice made by Kara OK and strange voice made by some uncivilized individuals are no doubt mental torture to other customers. Second, after a meal, the stomach capacity increases, the stomach wall becomes thin, and the blood supply to stomach increases too. If you sing at this time, the thoracic diaphragm is down, the intra-abdominal pressure increases. It is mild to cause dyspepsia and severe to trigger the gastrointestinal discomfort and other diseases. In addition, if drink when having the meal, with the stimulation of alcohol the human larynx, vocal cords are natural congestive. The Kara OK will add to the condition of congestive and edema at the larynx and vocal cords and caused acute pharyngitis easily. As a result, have a rest after a big meal before sing a song.
Don’t go to bed immediately after eating.
After eating, the stomach is full of food, and the digestive function is in a state of movement. If you go to bed at this time, the act of sleeping will affect the stomach to digest, and is not conducive to the absorption of food. Meanwhile, the blood supply to the brain is lack after a meal, if you go to bed immediately after dinner, it is easy to cause stroke due to the lack of blood supply to partial brain. In addition, during the sleep, the body metabolism rate is low so it is prone to transfer the calories into fat and make people obese.