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10 Actions for Health -2

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7. Quitting smoking. A cigarette will produce more than 4000 kinds of chemicals, of which more than 40 kinds lead to cancer. Kicking the habit is good not only for your own health benefit, but also for your family.
8. Achieving better balance between work and play. It maybe make you lack of enthusiasm that only focusing on work without any entertainment. It is better for us to be more relaxed. Prepare a scrapbook to collect the cartoons, jokes, and other humorous materials, and read it from time to time every day to have fun.
9. No matter how busy, finding time to chat with other family members. Study found to have a close relationship can prevent and slowdown the heart disease and even can provide a strong resistance. No matter how colorful your external life is, everyone needs a close relationship to open his heart and share the feelings.
10. Quality of sleep is more important than length of sleep. Several steps can make you sleep more sweet: 1) making your bed comfortable. 2) Lying down with the most natural and relaxed position. 3) After lying down, make a few deep breaths and let yourself relax. And then feel it again from head to toe to try to make any part in tension relax down. 4) If you mind is still focusing on the work, you can count your breath, image that you get all the negative sentiment off and absorb positive energy into your body when you breathe for several breath until your mind in peace. 5) Be completely relaxed and fall asleep.