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Eating Eggs for Health -3

Post Time:2008-12-06 [Large Middle Small] View:
Pregnant mothers: “three eggs” every day for smart baby
The human body needs such seven nutrient elements as protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, fiber, trace elements, fat and water. Egg contains six of these except for fiber. It is a kind of ideal food for pregnant woman as the nutrients in egg can be used by the body entirely.
Per 100 grams of eggs are able to supply 10.8 grams of high-quality protein, which is not only beneficial to the fetal brain development, but also conducive to improving the quality of post-natal breast-feeding; per 100 grams of egg also contains 680 mg cholesterol, which is the composition of the brain, and can be converted into vitamin D; In addition to the cholesterol, the yolk contains vitamin A and the B vitamins as well as lecithin; More importantly, the yolk contains "element for memory" - choline, so it is conducive to making new-born baby more bright to eat many eggs in appropriate way.
Tips for pregnant mothers to eat eggs:
1. Moderate amount. Too many eggs will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys of pregnant woman, so pregnant women should eat no more than three eggs every day.
2. The principle of eating full cooked egg. Not fully cooked eggs are likely to have not only residual of salmonella, but also the impact on the use of biotin, resulting in some lack of biotin. Therefore, pregnant women must eat fully cooked eggs.
The elderly: "an egg" every day brings good health in old age.
Because a lot of elderly people think that egg yolk contains high cholesterol, they are afraid of eating eggs, which is not right choice.