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Eating Eggs for Health -1

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Eggs are gift from nature, rich in nutrition, natural health, "the ideal nutritional base" as well as a kind of indispensable food on the table, but the nutrition will be lost if you choose the wrong way to eat eggs. People should take a different approach according to the age and body type so as to guarantee the full absorption of nutrients. So, how to eat egg for health?
Children: eggs are good for their healthy growth.
Once the intake of protein for children in the period of growth and development is insufficient, their resistance will be reduced, bodies will be slimmer, and development will be slower. While egg is extremely rich in protein, and egg yolk contains much lecithin, cholesterol, multi-vitamins as well as minerals such as iron, zinc, phosphorus, sulfur, and so on, what’s more important is the choline in the egg yolk, which is contributed to mental development. Such comprehensive nutrition food is very suitable for children.
Rules for child to eat eggs:
1. overall dietary intake of nutrition rich food. Egg is lack of vitamin C and carbohydrates, so it should also be supplemented with other foods.
2. Two eggs per day, and physical health. It is good for kids to eat two eggs a day, if eat more, it will cause too much burden on the gastrointestinal tract.
3. Egg custard and soup are easier for child to digest. It is suitable for 0-year-old to 1-year-old baby to eat egg custard and soup, as these two approaches can make the protein in egg released and more easily digested by children. Baby 1-year-old to two-year-old can eat boiled eggs, which need to chew carefully to help digestion and absorption. Kids over two-year-old can eat scrambled eggs.