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Two Tips for Identification of Allergic Rhinitis

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The difference between the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and common cold can be identified by the following tips:
Medical experts advise: allergic rhinitis is similar to the flu and about 70% of patients with allergic rhinitis take wrong medicine and delay the correct diagnosis and treatment because it is easily confused with the flu. There are four typical symptoms of allergic rhinitis: nasal itching, sneezing, runny nose and stuffy nose.
A typical symptom: nasal itch like ants crawling
Patients with allergic rhinitis have itch nose. Mild nasal itching is like ants crawling and patients can’t help rubbing their noses; the severe nasal itching is unbearable and accompanied by itch of eyes, ears, throat, palate and so on, and patients usually sneeze for a few or even dozens of times and a lot of water-like nasal discharge will flow; they sometimes have the symptoms such as diminished smell sense, headache, tears and asthma attack.
B typical symptom: Children are often "make a face"
Some children “make a face” all the time. Don’t think that they simply have bad habits. In fact, they may be suffering from allergic rhinitis.
Many children can not make a detailed presentation of symptoms, but because of the nasal itching, nasal stuffy, children often have to "grimace" and sometimes use the palm of hand to rub itching nose tip upward, and "snuff up mucus".
The main symptom of children allergic rhinitis is runny nose which is different from that of adults, and it is easily confused with respiratory infections such as common cold. Parents should pay attention to the daily condition of the child, if find early signs of allergic rhinitis, bring child to hospital and do nasal secretions smears.