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Exposure to Cold Weather May Not Give You A Cold

Post Time:2008-12-02 [Large Middle Small] View:
The climate or cold weather is not the reason which causes the common cold, flu and other types of infection diseases as people generally believe. Experts pointed out that the reason why people come to the wrong conclusions is this kind of the disease almost occurs in the winter, but the occurrence has no much relationship with the climate, just as in the winter, the virus spread more easily.
The common method of spread of virus person to person through skin contact with respiratory secretions, for example, shaking hands; or indirect contact with the surface of the environment, such as touch the door handles and then use the same hand to rub eyes or wipe mouth. So the experts strongly recommend that people should wash their hands, no matter whether you are suffering from cold, washing hands frequently is the best way to prevent the spread of germs. But even if your hands are very clean, cold or flu will spread by the inhalation of infected small particles in the air, for example, it is easy for you to be infected if you stay too close from some person which is suffering from cold.
The winter and early winter are flu season. A lot of people will choose cold medicine themselves. However, do you choose right cold medicine? Is your choice safe?
Before the selection of cold remedies, first of all should make clear diagnosis to find that it is the common cold, the upper respiratory tact infection, or influenza (the flu). The cold can be induced by a variety of viruses, the flu is caused by influenza virus; the main symptoms of these two kinds of cold are fever, headache, cough, runny nose, sneezing, and so on; but symptoms of common cold are relatively lighter than that of flu, which may cause complication or even death.