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American Experts Released Eleven Gold Standards of Men’s Health -3

Post Time:2008-10-28 [Large Middle Small] View:
H. He has an evenly proportioned skull.
It is best that the width of the face is 60% of the length of the face at the clinic. A man with such cephalic index not only looks handsome, but also has good immunity to against the diseases of the respiratory tract, lower jaw and teeth diseases. Take a measure: first, measure the distance between the chin and the top (length); second, measure the distance between his two ears (width) and then divide the length by the width, and take this number from 100.
I. Climbing fast.
Dr. Geleiboen said: " 'Blues program' is a way to test the strength of heart, which is the most accurate, as well as the most merciless." Let him walk on the treadmill; gradually increase the inclination of the treadmill until he can’t move forward step. "Most of the 30-40 year-old man can walk for 9 minutes, 12 minutes is remarkable” Dr. Geleiboen concluded. And our standard is even higher: 15 minutes, and that means an excellent cardiovascular health.
J. he can get a hole in one on making the thread through the eye of the needle.
This means that he has a very good three-dimensional depth perception and sensitivity.
K. Perfect bilateral symmetry
Measure the perimeter of his wrists, ears and nostrils. If these are bilateral symmetrical, or the difference is no more than 1 mm, he is a natural athlete. A study found that those men with the most physical symmetry run fastest. The more balanced body is the better self-control is when doing strenuous exercise.