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American Experts Released Eleven Gold Standards of Men’s Health -2

Post Time:2008-10-28 [Large Middle Small] View:
D. The value of PSA is lower than 2.5 ng / ml.
PSA is prostate specific antigen. Dr. Hytelona, a prostate cancer expert, pointed out that this indicator shows that he has very little risk of suffering from prostate cancer.
E. Ejaculation ability.
After having a very exciting sex, his ejaculation quantity should reach 5 ml. Dr. Hytelona pointed that this is the most direct performance of prostate’s health.
F. He can walk 3 km within 28 minutes.
It is a good method to measure health that keeping light and strong pace during a fairly long period. According to the conclusion made by Swedish researchers, a healthy 40-year-old man should walk 3 km within 28 minutes, which is equivalent to walk 134 steps per minute by a normal stride.
G. He has balanced muscle strength.
The majority of men are eager to do excessive muscle movement, such as push-ups, while few of them have balanced muscle strength. The ideal situation is that the strength ratio of his biceps and triceps is 1:1, which is meaning that if he is able to stretch open 25 kg of chest-expanders for ten times, he should be able to push the 25 kg for ten times; the strength ratio of his quadriceps and hamstring is 3:2, that is, if he is able to lift his legs loaded 30 kg for ten times, he is able to use his legs to push down 20 kg for ten time. If after this test, the imbalance in his muscle strength is found, then he must do exercise to strengthen the weaker muscles.