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American Experts Released Eleven Gold Standards of Men’s Health -1

Post Time:2008-10-28 [Large Middle Small] View:
Recently, more than a dozen American health experts released a list of eleven standards of health men with prolonged effort. Experts said that if a man achieves seven standards of the list, he qualifies as a “real health” man.
A. He has a relatively high level of HDL.
There are about 356,000 men dying from heart disease every year. "If there is sufficient HDL (high density lipoprotein) in blood, it is no necessary to worry about this issue." Dr. Aikeerte, a cardiovascular expert, pointed out that, "HDL plays a role in cleaning up the artery, if the level of HDL in blood can reach or higher than 90 mg /dl, then we have little risk of getting serious vascular block.”
B. He has two or more close buddies.
The two buddies can not be his current colleagues, neighbors, fitness instructors etc. In short, they are not any person having a fixed relationship with him. Dr. Xie, a psychologist, believed that if an over 35-year-old man achieves this standard, he has healthy social ties, then he would live longer than 2 / 3 of men. This means that he builds his friendship on common interests rather than geographical proximity, the interests of working, living facilitates and so on which are unstable and varying.
C. He says yes to following two questions.
The two questions are: "Do you look forward to going to work every morning?" "Do you look forward to going home every afternoon?" After studying for 30 years, Dr. Geleiboen found that the man with positive answer to these questions has very little risk of dying from heart disease.