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Six Kinds of Traditional Breakfast Meals Are Not Appropriated to Eat -4

Post Time:2008-10-18 [Large Middle Small] View:
Expert’s comment: it is detrimental to gastrointestinal health eating while walking because it is not conducive to digestion and absorption; In addition, the food sold on the street has potential health problems.
Suggestion: If you choose to eat food sold on the street for breakfast, first, you should pay attention to health; second, it is better to eat it at home or in the office instead of eating on the way to office so as not to damage your health.
F: "Nutritional" breakfast
Breakfast food: fruit, vegetables, milk, and other nutritional food, without any staple food as it is “lack of nutrient”.
Reason for popular: this kind of food is very popular with women because the staple food is the main source of calories, which is the natural enemy to slimming lady and people who try to lose weight. So they choose low-calorie food with various nutrients.
Expert’s comment: it is misunderstanding for many people that the staple food only have calorie without any nutrient. Actually, carbohydrates are very important nutrients for human’s physical health. Because if there is no adequate supply of calorie, the body will automatically break down and release calories to support the basic movements of body, and long-term insufficient intake of staple food will cause malnutrition and lead to the weakening of the body functions. In addition, fruits with acidic taste or crude fiber are not good to eat when your stomach is empty such as tomatoes, yogurt, bananas, pears, plums, apricots, and so on.
Suggestion: eat more staple food such as bread and steamed bun, because this kind of cereal food not only provides enough carbohydrate for human body can be enough carbohydrates, but also is conducive to the absorption of milk.