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Six Kinds of Traditional Breakfast Meals Are Not Appropriated to Eat -3

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Expert’s comment: it is good to eat some snacks such as biscuits and chocolate when you are hungry, but it is very unscientific to eat snacks for breakfast which is the most important meal among the three meals in a day. This kind of food is not conducive to the digestion and absorption as it is dry food and the body of human is in a half-dehydration state in the morning. The main raw material from which biscuits and snacks are made is cereal, so the body will feel hungry again soon after eating such kind of food which provides some energy for the body in a short period of time. The level of blood sugar will drop significantly by the noon. Eating snack in the morning easily leads to malnutrition and physical decline, and then makes the body vulnerable to diseases.
Suggestion: Not to eat snack instead of eating breakfast, especially not to eat too much dry food, the foods for breakfast should contain sufficient water. You can eat a cucumber if your breakfast is too dry.
E: Moving Breakfast
Breakfast food: any food bought on the street for breakfast, eat while walking, every part of whole body moves including hands, feet and mouth ... ...
Reason for popular: the office workers eat their breakfasts in a hurry, especially those whose units are far from their home eat their breakfast on their way to office. Their first choice for breakfast is the foods sold near the bus station or the office such as the steamed doubling, boiled eggs, pancake, and other foods. They always eat while walking in the street.