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Six Kinds of Traditional Breakfast Meals Are Not Appropriated to Eat -1

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More and more people are aware of the importance of eating breakfast to health. We must eat breakfast and eat well. Inappropriate breakfast eating habits will damage your health, and bring pain to your life. Be cautious for taking several very popular and common Chinese traditional breakfast which are not good for your health:
A: "Leftovers"
Breakfast foods: leftover meal, or fried leftover rice, cooked noodles with leftover meal etc.
Reason for popular: many mothers are prefer to cook more rice for dinner, then in the next morning they fry the leftover rice for family or heat the leftover meals. This kind of breakfast is easy to cook and is the same rich as a dinner, which is generally considered to be full of nutrition.
Expert’s comment: vegetables in the leftovers may produce nitrite (a carcinogen substance), so it will threaten human health.
Suggestion: don’t eat the vegetables in the leftovers; save the leftovers meals well; heat the leftover meals kept in the refrigerator thoroughly.
B: Fast food for breakfast
Breakfast foods: a variety of western-style fast food
Reason for popular: western-style fast food such as hamburgers, fried chicken wings and so on has always been the food preference of fashion crowd. Some fast food restaurants also provide breakfast now, such as hamburger plus coffee or milk, black tea, which are convenient and taste good.
Expert’s comment: This high-calorie breakfast easily lead to obesity, and the long-term intake of fried food is not good for health. When eating western-style fast-food for breakfast, we must eat low-calorie food for lunch and dinner. In addition, this kind of breakfast is lack of vitamins, minerals, cellulose, and other nutrients.