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Experts: Eating Less Staple and More Dishes is Detrimental to Health -2

Post Time:2008-10-18 [Large Middle Small] View:
Why we are never sick of eating rice in our lives, however, we are satiated with fish and meat after eating such foods for three days? Nutritionists explained that, because mean and fish have heavy taste, heavy color and heavy oil, when eat too much, the stomach will be very offensive to the stimulation from this kind of food. Too much intake of dishes will bring great burden on the stomach. They said the long term intake of dishes in high-protein high-fat and low-fiber foods is extremely adverse to good health. Some people think that eating vegetables is good for health, but the vegetables “eat” the oil, and many vegetables are cooked with too much oil, and even some vegetables are soaked in the oil. It is easy to get high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and obesity with such poor eating habit.
Staple foods and non-staple foods need to complement each other.
Experts said that the daily diet must include scientific and reasonable scale of the staple food and non-staple food, and the staple food must occupy a certain proportion. Experts reminded the public that the most reasonable ratio among the staple food, vegetables, and meat dishes (including bean products) is 3:2:1. In addition, the intake depends on the stage and need of growth stage. Young people are in the phase of the bones and physical growth and have great movement, so they need more foods containing calcium and sugar in addition to the carbohydrate. The elderly should be supplemented with multi-vitamins, low-sugar foods to arrange the proportion of the staple food and the non-staple food.