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Experts: Eating Less Staple and More Dishes is Detrimental to Health -1

Post Time:2008-10-17 [Large Middle Small] View:

When see different kinds of delicious dishes, some people would not eat staple. Through investigation the reporters found that: many people are try to eat dishes as much as possible while eat less stable foods or even eat no stable at the table, because they do not believe that staple food has nutrition, which only is in dishes. The nutrition experts said that the long-term intake of less staple is extremely detrimental to health.
The main staple foods should be rice and pasta.
Alan said that every friend meeting her at the holiday party only eats all kinds of dishes instead of staple foods, utmost eat a small bowl of rice. Experts said that taking a meal without any stable foods is not conducive to human health.
The nutritionist explained that carbohydrates are the main “basic raw materials” which are necessary to our body. The fifty to sixty percent of the total energy people need every day is from carbohydrates in a reasonable diet. Compared to meat and fish, rice is much easier to digest with the nutrients which can not be replaced by others. Experts said that in accordance with Chinese health situation, an adult should eat at least 300 gram rice everyday.
Meat and fish increase the burden on the stomach
Many people think that there is simple nutrition in rice and pasta while rich in various of dishes, so they only eat meat and fish instead of rice and pasta. Mr. Liu, a business man, said at the Mid-Autumn Festival, he often has dinner with friends and ate too much meat and fish but didn’t eat any rice. During that time, he found himself frequently constipated, and after the Mid-Autumn Festival, he found that his stomach was uncomfortable, the physical condition is significantly worse than before.