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Ten Diseases to Which Children Are More Vulnerable to in Fall -3

Post Time:2008-10-08 [Large Middle Small] View:
No. 7 Otitis media
Acute otitis media is an inflammatory disease due to bacterial or viral infection of the middle ear, often for complications of influenza. It is easily misdiagnosed as the common cold because of the high fever. The chronic otitis media needs surgery.
Prevention and care: after swimming, put clean and sterile cotton balls to the external ear canal for 5 to 10 minutes, in order to dry up the water.
No.8 Children urgent measles
After the continuous high fever, child are eruptive at neck, ears, and other parts. It is, what we often say, the "eruption after heat"
Prevention and care: use anti-fever medicine or wet towels; prevent influenza; often bathe the children to keep them clean.
No. 9 Contact dermatitis
This is a inflammation of skin caused by the access to some material leading to allergic reactions, especially found easily in children with allergy susceptibility.
Prevention and care: children can’t help scratching the itching parts which leads to injury skin. So it is necessary to trim their nails in time and stop child’s torsion; use some drugs for external use to relieve itching; use low-irritation soap and avoid excessive washing on the injury skin.
No.10 Tonsillitis
Tonsillitis is caused by bacteria or virus infection, often accompanied by a high fever, headache, sore throat, and so on.
Prevention and care: don’t eat irritating food. Provide liquid and cold food for child, such as milk, noodle soup and ice cream, so as to reduce the stimulus to tonsil.