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Ten Diseases to Which Children Are More Vulnerable to in Fall -2

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No. 4 Bronchitis
In general, it is easy to get bronchitis when the symptoms of cold can not be improved quickly characterized by cough, runny nose, fever, and so on.
Prevention and care: it is relatively easy to restore for a patient with acute bronchitis, but the cough due to it is likely to continue for a long time. If the infection caused by bacteria, use antibiotics; add more nutritious, easily digested food.
No. 5 Encephalitis
It is caused by acute pathogen infection accompanied by high fever, headache, vertigo and other symptoms in the early emergence. When at serious stage, patients appear disturbance of consciousness, and are lethargic or even dead.
Prevention and care: pay attention to usually keep the children in clean; according to the doctor's recommendation make children taking vaccines timely against Japanese encephalitis, meningitis, HIB and so on; immediately take child to the hospital when any of the symptoms of such disease appears.
No. 6 Impetigo
Impetigo is caused by a staphylococcus or streptococcus, a kind of skin infection with impetigo which is full of pus, and it was particularly prevalent in the face and body, characterized with slightly red skin.
Prevention and care: it is easy to cause impetigo when skin is infected by fungal or injury by insect, especially it is more common in the summer when it is easy to be sweat. It should be treated timely and correctly; used some antibiotic ointment for impetigo with a doctor's prescription.