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Five Elements Vegetable Broth Provides Health Benefits of Prevention -1

Post Time:2008-10-08 [Large Middle Small] View:

The five-element vegetable broth was popular in Japan over the past ten years, which plays great role of preventing diseases, improving immunity and fighting diseases. It was made of burdock root, white radish, white radish leaves, carrot, and mushrooms at a certain proportion. As the green white radish leaves nourish liver, red carrots nourish heart, white radish nourish lung, black mushrooms nourish kidney and yellow burdock roots nourish spleen, this remedy may “nourish five internal organs, optimize physical health”.
According to the principles of traditional Chinese therapeutic system, the combination of ingredients of "five-element vegetable broth" is reasonable. The mixture of five elements, five colors, five flavors can play good role not only in nourishing five internal organs, regulating qi and dispersing stagnation, conditioning Yin and Yang, tonifying kidney and replenishing qi, but also in health care of many chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar level, high lipids in the blood stream, constipation, insomnia, gynecological disease, cataracts, presbyopia, psoriasis, different kinds of inflammation, cardiovascular and so on.
The project of “The application and promotion of health care with vegetable”, for which China Xuzhou Tianli Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. applied, has been listed in science and technology achievements spreading programs promoted by Chinese Medicine Development of Science and Technology Exchange Center. This project introduced series health care varieties such as the five elements vegetable broth, burdock tea, which will play a positive role in improving Chinese’s diet structure, optimizing physical condition and reducing medical care costs and so on.