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Six Kinds of Home-style Foods for Healthy Baby -2

Post Time:2008-10-08 [Large Middle Small] View:
3, mushrooms: mushrooms can prevent and improve many diseases of the cardiovascular system, such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and other diseases. Mushrooms not only enhances immunity, prevents and fights against cancer, but also relieves the pressure and makes good mood as it is rich in vitamin B, so in the last 20 years this food has been popular in Europe and the United States.
4, Cereals: grain is the staple food of mankind. The first food adding to baby food is rice and wheat flour. After weaning, the alternative food is cereal. Whole grain contains cereal germ and polysaccharides and are rich in vitamins B and E which are antioxidants enhancing the immune system and strengthening the immune cells.
5, Fruit juice: Make fruit into juice by juice machine, such as pear juice, tomato juice, apple juice, which adds essential nutrients for child as they are rich in vitamins, organic acids, trace elements, and so on.
6, Yogurt: infants and young children are in rapid development term of the body and brain so they need protein and calcium very much. Therefore, milk products are the best nutrients resources for infants and young children. Yogurt is a kind of dairy products which not only adds nutrition but also improves intestinal environment. Young baby can’t drink it until one year old.
For infants and young children, mothers should insist breast-feeding, add reasonable food supplement, develop good eating habits, and feed more boiled water to baby to make it easy for baby to keep away from “heat source”.