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Six Kinds of Home-style Foods for Healthy Baby -1

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When it is hot, children are prone to have excessive internal heat because the water in their bodies loses very much and the function of their spleens and stomachs are not developed completely, and their diets are often unreasonable as they needs more nutrients for fast growth. Children with fire-heat syndrome are characterized by blisters around mouth, constipation, yellow urine, no appetizer to eat, irritability, and much discharges in the eyes, and so on. If we do not take seriously, it is likely to incite a number of serious diseases. Recommend six kinds of good foods as following to you to raise a healthy baby!
1, Water: Water is the most important components of the human body. As the ratio of body surface area and weight of infants is higher than that of adults, the loss of water evaporation of infants is very much and they need much more water. Only with plenty of water, their metabolism can be strong, and their natural immunity can be increased.
2, Yellow-green vegetables: the fibers in the yellow-green fruits and vegetables can prevent constipation to provide a good and clean intestinal environment for absorption. At the same time they help the growth of intestinal bacteria which is likely to cover a slice of immune protective membrane on the small intestine and the large intestine. Therefore, it is good for children to promote the habit to eat five kinds of fruits and vegetable every day. If children do not like the taste of vegetables, it can be chopped and mixed into cereal or meat to make into ball, dumplings or wonton which children are would like to eat.