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Sixty-six Civic Health Literacy Is Released -1

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Seven basic health literacy skills
The seven basic skills listed in the Health literacy includes: dial 120 for emergency medical assistance; be able to understand the labels and direction on food, medicine, cosmetics and health products; know how to measure axillary temperature and pulse; identify common logo of dangerous stuffs, such as high-pressure, flammable, explosive, toxic, radioactive, biological safety, and stay away from dangerous stuffs; cut off power supply electric before rescue the person with electric shock and no direct contact with him or her; in case of fire, know how to isolate smoke, put wet towel over mouth and nose, and escape at low posture; dial 119 for fire.
On Sep. 3, Ministry of Health released "Chinese Citizens’ Health Literacy - the interpretation of the basic knowledge and skills" which defines the basic knowledge and skills which should be understood by Chinese and are closely related to the way of life and health, and briefly explain on the content of sixty-six health literacy. Seven basic skills necessary for health were listed on Sixty-six Chinese Citizen Health Literacy such as giving blood for life-saving, breast-feeding as soon as possible, the planned vaccination, the proper use of condoms, as well as the right axillary temperature measurement, pulse measurement, and dial 120,119, and other basic skills.
To promote voluntary blood donation, not only is the performance of human civilization, but also give benefit to country, family and oneself……, Giving blood for life-saving was listed as one of "Chinese Citizens’ Health Literacy". State encourages the healthy person between 18 and 55 years old donate blood.