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The Influenza Vaccinations Shall Focus on Four Groups of People -2

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The influenza is closely related to respiratory diseases
Once the patients with asthma, COPD and other chronic respiratory diseases, are infected with influenza virus, which easily induces respiratory disease, the interaction between influenza virus and chronic airway inflammation makes of respiratory infections more serious, and the infection develops the chronic respiratory disease, in such a vicious cycle, flu increases hospitalization and mortality rates in patients with chronic respiratory disease, and seriously affected the quality of life of these patients.
During the influenza epidemic deaths in heart disease increase
Professor Hua Qi, cardiologist of Capital Medical University Xuanwu Hospital said: “during the influenza pandemic, the deaths of a heart attack increased one-third and the risk of the deaths of coronary heart disease increased one-tenth than non-epidemic period. Diabetic patients are easily get the flu because of lower immune function, and the infection cause an increase in glucagons which have the opposite effect of insulin, and thus raises the level of glucose in the blood and makes the condition of diabetes deteriorated, or even death.
To participate in "Monsoon action" for anti-influenza
Although influenza vaccination has been proved to be the best means to prevent influenza, and in developed countries it has been included in the scope of compulsory vaccination, In China, however, the rate of influenza vaccination is still low because of the insufficient public's attention. Through the “Monsoon Action” nonprofit advocacy and education activities for the prevention of influenza organized by China Disease Prevention and Control Center and Chinese Health Education Association, we hope to raise the whole community, particularly the high-risk groups’ focus on the importance of influenza, and to get flu shots to minimize the harm of influenza.