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Autumn and Health

Post Time:2008-09-27 [Large Middle Small] View:
As the weather is capricious in fall, we are prone to suffer from diseases if we don’t change clothes timely and take appropriate diet.
In fall, the temperature difference during the day is small. It is good for training body’s cold-resistance ability to adapt the cooler and cooler weather to take warm cloth later. In addition, we must maintain the indoor humidity and add water to us as it is dry and windy.
Autumn is the busiest season, especially for farmers. We must strike a balance between work and rest and pay attention to the nutrition to increase the intake of calories.
Diet in fall should be "less hot foods and more sour foods" to focus on protecting yin, against dryness, nourishing yin and moistening lung. It is good for health to eat more foods rich in nourishment and water such as sesame, walnut, glutinous rice, honey, milk and diary products. The elderly or people with weak spleen and stomach can take porridge in the morning to tonify stomach and promote fluid production such as lily lotus seeds porridge, tremella honey porridge, black sesame porridge etc. In addition to maintaining a certain indoor humidity, we should drink boiled water, tea, soup and fruit juice, etc., to supplement the water in the body.
Some people have some depressive feeling in fall. Especially the elderly are prone to grow misery, anguish, lonely feeling. For this, we should pay attention to regulate our emotions, and take part in some amusement activity which is benefit to physical and mental health, so as to cultivate optimism and maintain quiet and peace in mind.