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The Way You Walk Affects Your Brain’s Health

Post Time:2008-08-29 [Large Middle Small] View:

Bad walking posture habits such as hunching over your shoulders, lordosis, affect not only self-image, but also the brain's health.
In the international community, walk training is an important subject in the rehabilitation of patients with encephalopathy. Doctor Deng Jingyuan, director of encephalopathy of rehabilitation centre of the first Affiliated Hospital, School of Medicine, Shaanxi Xian Jiaotong University, said that many patients with encephalopathy restore the normal function of their brains via effective walking training, which proves the importance of right walking posture.
When people walk, poor postures such as hunching over the shoulders and bending over are not very good for relaxation and lead to insufficient oxygen for the body. In addition, these poor postures caused spinal problems, which will be reflective to the brain and make people’s brain in a state of tension either working at desk or walking in line. This tension not being eased during the day will cause the brain fatigue and affect the night sleep.
Lean neck and lean shoulder which are popular bad walking postures in young people, will affect the operation of qi and blood in governor vessel.
Dr. Deng recommends to correct the bad walking posture by correcting standing posture at first which can be self-examined in front of the mirror at home. Stand up straight in front of the mirror and think of being a tall and straight, do not arch your back, do not lean forward or lean back and try to maintain this posture while walking around.
The right walking posture should be that as eyes forward, chin up, tuck in your behind, suck in your stomach, stand up straight and strike the ground first with your heel, roll through the step from heel to toe and push off with your toe.