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Six Tips for Health Hair -2

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Many people think that dandruff is caused by too frequent hair wash. In fact, the emergence of dandruff is not directly related with the times of hair wash.
The turnover cycle of normal scalp cell is 28 days. When scalp cell is fully mature, it falls as a tiny cell which can not be seen by the eyes. If the immature scalp cell reached the top of the skin, it shed from the scalp as visible flake of skin, which is called as dandruff. In fact, dandruff appearing at more than 90% of the people is physiological, which is caused by the normal metabolism. So even if appearing too much dandruff, excessive times of washing hair is not necessary, and it is good to wash your hair at an average of two to three times a week.
Once you feel the scalp a bit of itching, there is a trend to dandruff. You should immediately use anti-dandruff shampoo with anti-dandruff hair conditioner which will make the anti-dandruff effect better. Try to use comb with slightly rounded tooth, so as not to cause undue stimulation on the scalp. It will make anti-dandruff effect very obvious that add a spoon of wash salt or salt when using shampoo at least once to twice every week.
It should be noted that, the mental stress and poor physical condition, will produce much dandruff. Therefore, let yourself relax and calm down if appear too much dandruff. In this way, your dandruff will follow the "quiet" down. It is good for hair to eat alkaline foods and foods rich of vitamin B2, B6 food as much as possible such as milk, vegetables, fruits, seaweed, and to avoid excessive acidic foods.