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Six Tips for Health Hair -1

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Maintain nutritional balance: modern medical research showed that long-term excessive consumption of high-sugar, high-fat, spicy foods and excessive alcohol consumption are easy to impede hair growth, or even induce hair loss. While vegetables, fruits and sea foods rich of vitamins, minerals and high-quality protein quality will help the blood maintain acid-alkaline balance and promote hair growth.
Hair massage: hair massage adjusts sebaceous gland secretion, promotes blood circulation, which brings nutrition to cell to make hair growth, and exclude dirt from pores to maintain the scalp and hair clean.
Get rid of mental distress: resolve all kinds of bad feelings made by the various pressures in the reality life via such ways as environmental regulation, self-encouragement, language regulation, attention diverting and energy venting, and feelings of joy and happiness bring psychological comfort to maintain their spirit of joy.
Scientific hair wash: choose the right shampoo for your hair. It is better that the water temperature is between 30 and 40 degrees. After thoroughly washed clean, use thick cotton towel to tap the hair, but do not rub, better let hair dry naturally.
To prevent heat damage the hair: it is necessary to have hair care per week at least once for maintaining the good state of hair. Before the use of hair dryer, wet your hair with sprayer, and use the hair dryer with low power. Keep the hair dryer a certain distance away from your hair to reduce the hair damage caused by high temperature.
Avoid sun exposure: choose sunscreen hairdressing supplies to restore your hair which have suffered damage from the sunshine.