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Patients with Coughs, Colds Should Not Be Given Antibiotics by Their GP -2

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Last year, British spent 175 million pounds to buy antibiotics
Gillian Fallon, Vice CEO of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence said that this is the first guideline for the use of antibiotics in UK. The role of the GP is to weigh up the risk in those patients and decide on the best course of action.
"Telegraph" said that before the introduction of the new norm, the British GP usually recommended ordinary respiratory infection patients taking antibiotics. Respiratory infections account for two-thirds of all antibiotic prescribing in GP surgeries, while last year 38 million prescriptions for antibiotics were written by GPs at a cost to the NHS of £175 million (about $348 million).
Liam Donaldson Chief Medical Officer of British Ministry of Health, said that the over-use of antibiotics is helping potentially lethal human infections become more resistant. The spread of a so-called "superbugs" methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in the hospitals in UK recently is the result of the abuse of antibiotics.
Doctors claim that they feel under pressure to issue a prescription because patients feel cheated or become angry if they leave the surgery without one as they believe it is needed. The human body can fight the minor infections, while the people who take the medication will take it as granted that the drugs work.
However, experts said, the withholding antibiotics for some infections has made good results as most of patients follow their GP’s advice to accept the prescription without antibiotics.