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Be Cautious of Eye Drops for the Three Harms-2

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Harm 2: be subject to hormone glaucoma
Eye drops can be divided into many categories according to the treatment effect such as antibiotics, anti-virus, hormones and so on. The inappropriate use of it will cause damage to people. For example, the long term use of hormones eye drops will make people be sick of hormone glaucoma before they realize it, which causes the vision problems, injury of vision and view. Such damage is irreversible, and there is no question of getting better. In addition, the antibiotic eye drops can only be used in case of eye infection. If not, it will only cause damage to the eyes.
A, Don’t buy eye drops casually, and never abuse of corticosteroid drugs. Pay close attention to the change of intraocular pressure two weeks after the use of such drugs and stop using it timely when the early symptoms of glaucoma occur, or use other drugs which only have the anti-inflammatory effect without causing high intraocular pressure.
B, Once the hormone glaucoma developing, we must immediately stop using the corticosteroid drugs and use other drugs to drop the intraocular pressure. General intraocular pressure will soon return to normal, but there are still a small number of patients require treatment by surgery.
Harm 3: Allergy causes asthma, arrhythmia and other diseases.
The timolol eye-drops contains β-receptor blocker which is a kind of ingredients of heart disease medicines. It is dangerous for some people who are allergic to such medicine to use it. In serious cases it will lead to bronchial asthma, arrhythmia and other diseases.
As the eye drops isn’t absolutely safe, you must pay attention to the ingredients and contraindications when use it.