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Be Cautious of Eye Drops for the Three Harms-1

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Harm 1: Be subject to suffering from dry eye
Most of eye drops contain preservatives, which lead to the loss of conjunctiva goblet cells in the eyes. If conjunctiva goblet cells are damaged, the people will suffer from dry eye syndrome which causes eye redness, dryness or pain. In this case, the more eye drops the more eye dryness and pain.
Prevention: the use of eye drops should not be too frequent. Generally, it is appropriate for the people who often use the computer to clean the eyes with eye drops three or four times every day.
However, with the longer use of the computer, the more uncomfortable symptoms occur such as eye fatigue, blurred vision and so on. Then what are the tips for releasing the dry eye?
- ABC: the following is some tips for prevention of dry eye.
(A) Adopt a healthy lifestyle, get adequate sleep, and not stay up late or all night.
(B) Pay attention to eye health, take regular rest for five to ten minutes every fifty minutes when you read, look at the computer or do other works which need concentration, and pay attention to the frequency of the blink of eyes.
(C) Keep the distance between the computer screen and eyes at least 60 cm, and the screen lower than the eyes.
(D) Consult ophthalmologists for the treatment of ocular surface diseases, such as the inflammation, allergies and injuries etc. of cornea, conjunctiva and eyelids, and never buy the medicines by yourself without professional suggestion.