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Unhealthy Habit: Drinking Coffee in the Morning

Post Time:2008-07-29 [Large Middle Small] View:

It has been a diet habit of many people to drink a cup of coffee at breakfast. However, according to the report conveyed by British media on March 18, Amanda Ursula, a British diet nutritionist, made a suggestion that drinking coffee at the start of the day would affect the work all day long, because drinking coffee at breakfast will speed up the heart rate and cause stomach contraction. In addition, the sugar taken at the breakfast will be absorbed by the body quickly, thus will lead to a strong sense of hunger. In that case, people will become irritable, absent-minded. They will have no intention to do anything but to eat.
Ursula also believed that the best food for lunch is lean meat or fish dishes which is not too greasy, and drink a small cup of coffee. At this time, coffee is conducive to refresh ourselves, to eliminate drowsiness and to maintain a clear mind. Egg is also a kind of good food for lunch, which would help to improve memory. Pasta or fried patty will drop the working efficiency, because when carbohydrates enter the body at noon, the speed of reaction and concentration will be dropped.
A Russian nutritionist pointed out that if you are very concerned about your appearance, it is good for you to drink coffee no more than 70g before 12:00, and no more than three cups for a whole day, because excessive intake of coffee will lead to melanoma accumulation in the body, which will cause bad complexion.