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Healthy People Do Not Need Protein Powder Supplement -2

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Long-term and a large number of intake of high-protein in the patients with liver and kidney dysfunction may lead to digestion and absorption dysfunction. The protein may produce a large amount of toxic ammonia with the action of gut bacteria. Because of liver and kidney dysfunction the solutes constituted by protein may be excreted smoothly which may cause blood ammonia suddenly rising, with such blood into the brain, and then cause brain dysfunction. Some patients may have such symptoms as vomiting, dizziness, flustered and abdominal pain, abdominal distention, in some more serious cases, coma, shock or even death. This is the so-called "protein poisoning."
it doesn’t play the role of developing the intellect and height for children and young people that single supplement of protein powder. Research shows that most children and young people can get adequate protein from a normal diet as 400 ml of milk per day and certain amount of fish, meat, eggs, soy products, rice. The amount of protein in such daily diet is able to meet the protein requirement for the growth development of children and young people. So it doesn’t need to add extra protein to the foods unless for special needs. Protein only is one of the several nutrients. If only prefer to high-protein intake with inadequate intake of carbohydrate and fat, such unbalanced diet has an adverse effect upon the growth and development and intellectual development; Moreover, long-term high protein diet may damage children's immature kidneys, and lead to obesity and calcium deficiency and other unhealthy status.